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Hello fellow internet users!

Welcome to my sketchy little website!

It's mostly gonna be filled with Sonic and Murder Drones, which explains what type of person I am immedietly

What is this website?

Nothing, actually. It's just my boredom getting to me. I make these sites out of pure boredom. I think I'm gonna start an archive of my MD theories and art here, though. This'll put my tumblr to sleep though lol.

Ok, so this website will be an interesting one?

That depends on what interesting means to you. If you like dumb theories and even dumber art, then this is probably your cup of tea, but if you don't... then maybe it's not for you. Maybe if you like laughing at dumb little websites that look outdated by 20 years you might like it, haha.

Speaking of outdated by 20 years. Why?

One word. Easy--and also websites from 20 years ago look SUPER cool. 2000s websites have always looked awesome to me, and will most likely be the style of all my websites. Reject modernity, return to HTML CSS JS only sites!

Where is the actual website content?

Oh. You're actually following through with looking at it? If that's the case... go ahead